Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Bonus, Monthly Jackpots, Contests

I belong to this site called Prize Live. As of today I have been a member for less than 23 days. I spend maybe less than 30 minutes on there daily. This is just one of my favorite sites and I'll tell you why.
1)I have done a few offers and already made more than I done anywhere else.
2)The game credits are great. I practice a game, then use the points I made and double them in no time, REALLY REALLY EASY.
3)I have referrals that I have made and I have no idea where in the world they had come from and I am making money and points from them. Awesome!
4)I love them, they keep me up to date with a toolbar that I use daily to get more points. It is so cool.
5)I basically get paid to play games and touch my toolbar once daily. That is how easy I am making money.
6)I have to tell you a little secret (there is just so much to be made on this site).
7)The earning potential is excellent and it is so easy to understand and use.
8)Easy regular payouts
9)Get paid by paypal, check, or by prizes like xbox, psp, or gift cards, your choice.
10)Try it and believe me you will love Prize Live, I guarantee it. Try it today.
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